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Prof John Saxton FBASES (Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee)


"I am delighted to welcome you to BASES Conference 2018.

 We aim to provide 2 days of world-leading content across sport and exercise sciences. Whether you wish to present your own research or listen to others, I hope you will join us for what promises to be an outstanding event."

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Dr Aseem Malhotra


Dr Aseem Malhotra is a cardiologist at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust and former clinical associate to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. He is an active member of Action on Sugar and has been particularly prominent in attacking the "myth" that saturated fat must be removed from the diet to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. He directs his attention to the effects of sugar on its hypothesised role in diabetes. He advocates a 20% sugary drinks tax, which, he claims, would reduce the number of people in the UK becoming obese by 180,000 within a year. According to Malhotra, the public wrongly believe that obesity is due to a sedentary lifestyle, when the blame for the rise in obesity should be directed towards the type and amount of calories consumed.